1. Workshop registration
Joining classes requires a binding pre-registration and booking through the form on the website. Payments are done in cash before or after the workshop. Workshop credits are personal and may not be shared with a third party. Olga Kozmanidze maintains the right to make changes in the schedule. In case of short-term changes or cancellations, workshop participants will be notified in advance by an email message. The cancellation period for the workshop is 8 hours in advance. By booking a workshop on through this website you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

2. Workshop Participation
People from all levels of experience are allowed to join the workshop. If you are under 16 we ask to provide written consent from your legal guardian. 

3. Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of booking of a workshop can be done free of charge at least 5 hours in advance. 

4. Photos and Videos
Participants and trainers may take photos or videos of themselves during the workshop, provided that no other participant is present in the video or with their consent to appear in a video that may be shared on social media.

5. Disclaimer of liability
All participants confirm that their psychological and physical condition is in good condition sufficient to join a movement workshop. If the health or well-being of the student changes, the instructor must be informed. Olga Kozmanidze is not liable for damage to the health of its members, theft, loss of personal belongings, or any other loss in the studio or building space. Participation is entirely the responsibility of the participant.

6. Legal consequences in the event of the ineffectiveness
Should one of the clauses of the general terms and conditions be completely or partially ineffective, this does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining clauses. If the provisions have become ineffective, the content of the contract is based on the statutory provisions.